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At Gama Corporate Services, we are aware that regulatory requirements present a critical and often complex component to a company’s present and future growth. The necessity to comply with these requirements can:


Burden a company's management.

Distract from core strategic business activities.

Cause unnecessary delays.

Present a complex environment, including remembering key dates and dealing with numerous forms and documents.

Lead to non-compliance, which can result in the incurrence of fines and even investigation by the regulators.


Our services are focused on providing cost effective, flexible professional services to allow companies to effectively manage their corporate secretarial obligations through a trusted and established partner.


We are here to offer you a synergistic partnership to enable where your business to cost effectively outsource non-strategic activities like company secretarial administration, payroll & bookkeeping and licensing so your businesses can focus on core strategic activities.


Gama Corporate Services views every client as a strategic business partner. Engaging us ensures your business is in good hands as we are thoroughly equipped by our diverse knowledge of the Malaysian business environment, the financial, legal and regulatory framework coupled with our experience and familiarity with domestic, administrative, bureaucratic and legal procedures and the unique cultural values that characterize doing business in Malaysia.


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