Gama Corporate Services has many years of experience in dealing with MIDA which positions us well in advising and assisting our clients in the application of manufacturing licenses and obtaining certain tax incentives such as Pioneer Status and Investment Tax Allowance.


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Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

Gama Corporate Services has the experience and know how in assisting its clients to secure the Ministry of Finance /Treasury Registration. The Ministry of Finance Registration or e-perolehan registration is very important for your company to participate in the tenders that range from Federal and State Government, Semi-Government Agencies, and also Government contracts to supply goods and services to them.


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Ministry of Finance Registration

All companies in this industry must obtain a license from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) prior to incorporation in Malaysia and before undertaking any construction and related activities in the country.


Gama Corporate Services has the expertise to provide licensing and registration services for CIDB and Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK).


CIDB’s mission is to develop the Malaysian construction industry and to enhance its competitiveness and to develop a world class construction industry. Their objective is to increase the capacity and capability of the construction industry through the enhancement of quality and productivity. Emphasis will be given to professionalism, innovation and knowledge.


PKK was set up with the mission to help develop quality of Bumiputera contractors and to ensure greater Bumiputera participation as the country moves towards achieving Vision 2020. In line with this mission, PKK focuses on the development of quality and competitive Bumiputera contractors. It also encourage more Bumiputera to venture into business as contractors because of their core beliefs borrowed from Islamic principles that state 9 out of 10 income is earned through business.


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Building & Construction

Gama Corporate Services advises international entities on the regulatory and practical aspects of investing and transacting business in Malaysia. We provide advice on fiscal and non-fiscal incentives articulated under the FIC Guidelines.


A foreign investor may have to obtain the approval from the FIC for the following:

Specific projects approved by the Government are exempted from the requirement of obtaining FIC's prior approval. Normally, small businesses will not apply for any FIC approval unless there is business with the government departments.


Gama Corporate Services offers advice and up to date information on FIC regulations to educate foreign companies and investors of their obligations and the opportunities that are available in the Malaysian market.


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Foreign Investment Committee Guidelines (FIC)

any proposed acquisition by foreign interests of any substantial fixed assets in Malaysia

any proposed acquisition of assets or any interests, mergers and take- overs of companies and businesses in Malaysia by any means, which will result in ownership or control passing to foreign interests

any proposed acquisition of 15% or more of the voting power by any one foreign interest or associated group or by foreign interest in the aggregate of 30% or more of the voting power of a Malaysian company and business

control of Malaysian companies and businesses through any form of joint- venture agreement, management agreement and technical assistance or other arrangements

any mergers and take-over of any company and business in Malaysia whether by Malaysian or foreign interests

any other proposed acquisition of assets or interests exceeding RM10 million in value whether by Malaysian or foreign interests (the threshold was revised to RM10 million with effect from 21 May 2003)

any acquisition by Malaysian interests of shares in Malaysian incorporated companies which constitutes more than 50% of the voting power of the company, i.e. where it gains statutory control






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